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Renovations are underway at Lion Camp

July 20, 2017


The renovations are now well underway. In the main area of the camp the thatching is complete. The new raised roof is letting in more light and enhancing the views through to the wafwa in front of the camp. The steelwork for the new extended lower deck has now been installed and the new guides accommodation is almost finished.


Five trucks with building materials have arrived in camp and the gumpole structures for the guest rooms are going up alongside the steel foundations for the bathrooms. 



The rhinoboard decking timber has also arrived. This timber is one of the most sustainable natural wood building materials available. The decking will cover the main area and boardwalk and will be used in the rooms. It is durable, beautiful and sustainable. 

The renovation is going to schedule, the new camp is starting to take shape and the team in camp are as excited as you to see the finished product!

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