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A new anti-poaching dog unit in the Lower Zambezi

July 18, 2017




 Conservation Lower Zambezi, in partnership with Invictus K9, introduced a anti-poaching dog unit in the Lower Zambezi


The Lower Zambezi canine unit is made up of four handlers and two dogs, and has been in training since May 2016. The unit will be moving between trafficking ‘hotspots’ in the area surrounding the park to strangle channels of movement of illegal wildlife products, as well as acting as a deterrent. The highly trained dogs are imprinted with the scent of ivory, pangolin scales, bush meat, firearms and ammunition, and along with their specially trained handlers, will be deployed to detect these products when vehicles, border posts, people and villages are searched.

For more information about the Wildlife Protection programme in the Lower Zambezi, please visit Conservation Lower Zambezi

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