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Even Royalty Falls for Zambia

August 30, 2017


We know Prince Harry has a love for Africa but rumour has it that he and his beau Meghan Markle may have got engaged following a recent romantic trip to Victoria Falls, Zambia. 
The Falls have long attracted couples from all corners of the world; experiencing the sights and sounds of the colossal waterfall is one of the world's most breath-taking experiences to share with a loved one, so it would be no surprise if Prince Harry did indeed pop the question. 
Although no details about their stay have been released from their getaway we like to think Prince Harry took his new love on a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls before celebrating their engagement with a glass of bubbly as they sailed down the Zambezi on a sunset cruise.


Upstream from Victoria Falls lie a number of stunning lodges tucked away along the Zambezi River that are overflowing with an old-world elegance that only Zambia can capture. Find a selection here




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