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Drift over the Kafue

November 15, 2017


Ballooning over the remote plains of the Kafue can be very special - not only are you the only balloon in the air, but the only vehicle you will see below is your ground crew heading to meet you with a glass of bubbly, as you gently land.


The plains of Kafue are vast, dotted with thick foliage allowing the pilot to rise and descend at any time, granting a stunning 360 view of the surrounding area, as well as flitting inches above trees and skimming the last remaining pools of water. One moment you are hundreds of feet up where everything looks tiny, the next you are almost eye level with a pod of hippos.


The serenity experienced whilst flying over one of Africa’s most remote wilderness areas is unparalleled. As there are no other balloons when you fly – it’s just the balloon and endless views as the sun starts to rise. 


Keep a close eye when passing nearby bushes, as zebra, wildebeest, sable and roan are a little shyer as they cross the open plains to the water pools. Lion are common on morning flights as they bask in the early morning sun to warm up after a cool evening. Jackal, hyena and oribi are seen in the taller grasses and even mongoose and serval have been sighted regularly. 


 Just you, the balloon and 22,400 km² of game-rich but unexplored National Park all to yourself.


Shumba Camp and Busanga Bush Camp both offer this unforgettable experience. For more information visit Wilderness Safaris.

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