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The orphaned baby hippo with a frequent flyer card

December 13, 2017


This is Douglas, a baby hippo who was found orphaned and alone in the Lower Zambezi. He was later discovered to be a she and was renamed Douglina, before being transported by Proflight Zambia to her new home on the banks of the South Luangwa.


The four-month-old had to be taken there when she was found alone by conservationists - with her mother or other hippos nowhere in sight. Thanks to conservation intervention, little Douglas was rescued and nursed back to health by Conservation Lower Zambezi - CLZ after being found by Royal Zambezi Lodge.



She may have taken up a lot of room - but this orphaned baby hippopotamus who had to be flown to safety was the most popular passenger on board.


Adorable Douglina, who weighs nearly 20 stone, had to be flown in a passenger aircraft after road travel was deemed to stressful for her - and she was even awarded an airline loyalty card.


The unusual passenger took to the skies to be transported to her new home at Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre on the banks of the South Luangwa River in Zambia. 


Douglina is now being cared for by former Thames Valley police officers, Anna and Steve Tolan. The husband and wife team, originally from Oxford, moved to Africa 12 years ago and are the founders of the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust - Douglina's new home.



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