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Douglas the hippo finds a new home... and hippo friend!

May 21, 2018


If you remember Douglas, (the baby hippo rescued in Lower Zambezi and issued a frequent flyer card with Proflight Zambia!), you would know the 3 month orphan was located and raised at Chimpembele Wildlife Sanctuary.


Despite being in good hands, Douglas has had a rough few years having been attacked three times by lions and frequently by rival mature hippo bulls. However, just before Douglas’ 5th birthday, he was translocated to Langani where he is happy in a cooler climate and where the grass greener and lusher. Although there were no other hippos in the pond when he arrived, a few weeks later he was joined by Jackie the 2-year old female hippo who was also hand-reared in Lower Zambezi. They were both cautious of each other at first but after a few weeks they began grazing together and are now inseparable.


Don’t you love a happy ending?


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