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Airline boosts conservation education

June 5, 2018

Twenty-five excited children had a school trip to remember last week when Proflight Zambia flew their return flight from the Lower Zambezi to learn about conserving the environment and wildlife.

The children from Luangwa Boma travelled ahead of World Environment Day on June 5 to participate in a Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) conservation programme aimed at creating a greener and healthy world through better ways of living.


Proflight put on free flights in two aircraft for the children, accompanied by three teachers and a CLZ representative, to return from the three-day training workshop in the Lower Zambezi.


“Proflight cares about the environment and the children of today as they are the key to having a greener future world. Proflight has always been there to support the schoolchildren’s programme,” said Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs Capt. Philip Lemba.


Proflight believes educating the children of today about the environment, wildlife and conservation will make better, more informed future citizens. This is the fourth year the airline has provided flights for the programme.

“As we celebrate this year’s World Environment Day with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ we want to get this message across through supporting educational programmes and initiatives that enlighten our communities on the issues of environmental and wildlife preservation,” added Capt. Lemba.

Some human activities undertaken in local communities have continued to have negative effects on the environment, including air pollution, cutting down of trees without replanting, wrong disposing of hazardous waste like plastics, and poaching.


Once the children arrived at the CLZ camp they learned about threats to the Lower Zambezi, sustainable living, wildlife and forest preservation, family health, the Zambezi food web and wildlife trafficking.


The children were also given an opportunity to learn about wild animals through game drives and boat cruises in the Lower Zambezi National Park.


Proflight, through its support to CLZ’s environmental education programme, has helped to inspire more parents to send their children to the workshops enabling families to benefit, leading to sustainable behaviour change upstream and the communities.

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