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Help Save the Luangwa River

July 12, 2018


The Luangwa River has been identified as one of the longest remaining free flowing rivers in Zambia and is one of the biggest unaltered rivers in southern Africa. It provides critical natural infrastructure- its seasonal changes support some of Zambia’s most valued wildlife populations, its vibrant communities and a growing tourism industry. If we adequately protect the river, we can ensure this capital is reserved for future generations; a true treasure as the world’s natural resources become rarer. 


However, the Luangwa River is now under threat to plans of hydropower development, deforestation and unsustainable agriculture.


We must act now to keep the Luangwa healthy and free-flowing. Sustainable development plans for Zambia will ensure the nation maximizes growth opportunities, while still cherishing the natural assets that make Zambia truly exceptional. To take part in this campaign visit the WWF website at www.wwfzambia.org.zm and sign the petition to protect the Luangwa as a Water Resource Protection Area. 


Watch this short clip to see just how this could impact the environment and those depending on it.

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