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LUANGWA LIVE - Shenton Safaris re-launch their Live Webcams

August 9, 2018

In time for the 2018 season, Shenton Safaris have relaunched their incredible live webcams that are located on their network of photographic hides, allowing you to experience South Laungwa from wherever you are in the world.


The high-quality webcams are installed on their Hippo Hide, which views a pod of hippos in the Luangwa River, plus their new installation overlooks a site known as the Last Waterhole, which is proving a great success.


Last year Shenton Safaris introduced live webcams to not only make the hides accessible for people to view all over the world, but also to monitor and analyse animal behaviours. The time-lapse feature even gives viewers the opportunity to gain a quick fix from the last 24 hours of the hides’ activity. This often proves to be a fascinating watch.



These unique photographic hides are of founder Derek’s own design and are a special feature of Shenton Safaris. The hides are sure to get observers close to wildlife without disturbing them in their natural environment. Guests have the chance to take more authentic and raw photos of animals’ day-to-day interactions from close proximity, in complete safety. The hides have often been used by National Geographic, BBC and the Discovery Channel for numerous photographic shoots and for collecting video footage for wildlife documentaries, so it’s fantastic that guests and photographers (both professional and amateur), have the opportunity to experience this too.


Shenton’s network of hides is made up of 3 permanent hides and 3 seasonal hides. The Hippo and Elephant Hides are exclusive to guests staying at Kaingo and the Last Waterhole Hide is exclusive to guests staying at Mwamba, whereas the Carmine bee-eater, Wild dog lagoon and Mobile Hides are accessible from both Camps.


Mwamba Bush Camp’s ‘Last Waterhole Hide’


Kaingo Camp’s ‘Hippo Hide’


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