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Remote Africa to open new North Luangwa Camp

March 1, 2019

With plans already very much in progress, Remote Africa Safaris will soon be introducing its newest camp, ‘Takwela’, to its collection of authentic and secluded Luangwa camps. It’s due to open summer 2019 and will be situated within the vast wilderness of North Luangwa National Park. We talk to John Coppinger, one of Remote Africa’s founders, about their new venture.


Tell us a little bit about your plans for Takwela. When do you plan to open the camp? 

Takwela will be opening on 22nd July 2019. In keeping with the Remote Africa ethos the camp will, as much as possible, be built from local natural materials and constructed with local skills. 


How many tents will the camp consist of and what other physical elements will the camp include? 

In 2019 there will only be 2 thatch chalets accommodating just 4 people, so a real intimate experience. In 2020 two more chalets will be added and ultimately we may increase to 6 chalets, hosting a total of 12 guests. Takwela will offer a similar intimately-close-to-nature feel as the other Remote Africa camps and provides the opportunity to see a pristine and lesser explored area of the North Luangwa National Park. Why ‘Takwela’ and what does the camp mean to you and Remote Africa? 


Takwela will be constructed on our private land on a stunning site at the Mwaleshi/Luangwa river confluence. The area is known as ‘Chitukuko’ which means ‘development’ in the local Tumbuka dialect. Since this does not roll off the western tongue we decided to name it ‘Takwela’ which literally means ‘We have taken off’, a synonym for development. 




Takwela camp is situated in North Luangwa NP. Why have you chosen this National Park in particular? 

The North Luangwa National Park is, in my opinion, the best managed National Park in Zambia. This is largely due to the support from Frankfurt Zoological Society and a highly motivated complement of staff from the Department of National Parks. We are privileged to have been operating in North Park since 1990 and I am personally hugely excited by our new development here.  


What’s most exciting about Takwela’s location? What does this specific part of the park offer to guests?

By virtue of its remoteness, we will have virtually exclusive access to over 50kms of Luangwa river frontage available to Takwela! Whilst the floodplain is not as extensive as in the mid-Luangwa, it is still prime wildlife country and will, I have no doubt, produce excellent viewing. 


What activities can we expect at Takwela? 

We will offer both drives and walks. A stay of at least 3 days in this remote location is recommended to really immerse oneself in the area and give time to explore this part of the park on both foot and vehicle. 


How could Takwela combine with your other camps in the Valley? 

Takwela will combine very well with Mwaleshi for those wanting a longer stay in North Luangwa National Park. 3 nights in both camps would be ideal. 


Visit their page for more information.


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